A Guide to Football Culture in Medellín

The Teams: Medellín and Nacional

Medellín is home to two major football clubs: Deportivo Independiente Medellín (DIM) and Atlético Nacional. The rivalry between these two teams is legendary, with matches often turning into fierce battles on the pitch. Independiente Medellín, known as “El Rojo,” boasts a history of dramatic victories, earning them the nickname “El Poderoso” (The Mighty). On the other side, Atlético Nacional, known as “El Verde,” has a record-breaking number of national and international championships, earning them the title of “El Rey de Copas” (The King of Cups).

The Stadium: Estadio Atanasio Girardot

Both teams share the iconic Estadio Atanasio Girardot, a stadium that pulsates with energy on match days. Located near the ESTADIO metro station, the stadium can hold up to 44,000 fans, creating an electrifying atmosphere that is unmatched. The stadium is divided into different sections, each offering a unique view and experience. Whether you’re in the Numerada (Platinum) section, with its central view of the pitch, or in the Sur (South) section, where the ultras of Nacional (Los Del Sur) create a raucous atmosphere, every seat offers a glimpse into the passion of Colombian football.

The Experience: Beyond the Game

Attending a football match in Medellín is more than just watching 90 minutes of action. It’s about immersing yourself in the culture, the traditions, and the community spirit that define Colombian football. From the pre-game festivities outside the stadium to the chants and songs that echo through the stands, every moment is an opportunity to connect with the heart and soul of Medellín.

Tips for Attending a Match

  • Safety First: While football matches in Medellín are generally safe, it’s always wise to be cautious. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying large amounts of cash, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Choose Your Team: Whether you’re supporting Medellín or Nacional, wearing the team colors (red for Medellín, green for Nacional) is a great way to show your support and immerse yourself in the experience.
  • Respect the Rivalry: The rivalry between Medellín and Nacional is intense but respectful. Avoid provocative behavior and respect the fans of both teams.
  • Enjoy the Atmosphere: From the chants and songs to the fireworks and choreographed displays, the atmosphere at a football match in Medellín is truly unforgettable. Soak it all in and savor the experience.

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